Hot & Sweet Bread & Butter Pickles


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Just like our regular Bread & Butters but with a little extra kick… just for you!


Ingredients: cucumbers, water, sugar, vinegar, onions, peppers, salt, mustard seed, celery seed, spices, turmeric for color.


* This product contains one or more of the following common allergens: milk, eggs, fish, wheat, soybeans, celery, barley, and mustard. If you have a sensitivity to these items, please check the ingredients list before purchase. Our products and manufacturing facility are 100% peanut free!

Customer Reviews

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A New Sensation...

Very tasty with the added "zing" of spicy "heat"!!

These "Lip Smakin Good" pickles will be a GREAT substitute for banana peppers in any sandwich or "Sub".

Their taste can be quite addicting.....but why not experience the "spice of life" wherever you find it....even awesome pickles!!

Jeromy Wilkison
Absolutely astonishing flavor!!

I bought this trying to get the flavor I found in another brand, I was blown away by the amazing flavor with a bit of spice. I absolutely love these!! Will be buying more very soon