Easy Southern Cole Slaw

July 01, 2020

Easy Southern Cole Slaw - Lip Smackin' Good

A couple of years ago, I was over visiting at my buddy Matt and his girlfriend at their house. They were planning a Low Country Boil for the weekend and naturally, invited me to the festivities. Of course, I asked what I should bring and was told simply, “An Appetite!” I was informed that I did more than my fair share of cooking, even at their house, and I wasn’t expected to bring a single dish. I was disappointed, as I love to cook, but I complied anyway. 

Later that evening Stephanie texted me and had changed her mind. “Can you make cole slaw?” the text read. I replied that I never had before, but I’d be willing to give it a try. What can be so hard about cole slaw, after all? Just a few ingredients and easy peasy, it would be done.

As usual, I took to Pinterest and searched for recipes that looked interesting. I made notes. I thought about what went into a good cole slaw.  I had plenty of knowledge about it as I have eaten my fair share and actually used to operate a Captain D’s quick serve seafood restaurant before. Their cole slaw is pretty good. Basic, but good.

Needless to say, after I figured out what I thought would be a good combination of ingredients and put my twist on it and now I have a really good recipe!

Cole slaw is pretty versatile. It’s great with most any seafood, in tacos, I’ve even had it on a BBQ sandwich before and it’s perfect with ribs! I’m even thinking about making a pineapple habanero pizza with ham and coleslaw toppings to experiment with. 

Anyway, I hope this recipe makes it into your favorites and it’s something that your family will enjoy for years to come!


In a glass bowl mix together the first 4 ingredients until dissolved.
Add the next 5 ingredients and stir.
Add the next 3 ingredients to taste.
Refrigerate for about an hour until chilled well.


4 tsps. Vinegar
1/4 cup Sugar + 2 TBSP
1/4 tsp. Dry Mustard
1/4 tsp. Salt or Salt Substitute
1 cup Mayonnaise
3/4 head Cabbage chopped
Handful sliced Carrots
Diced Onion to taste
2 tsp. Lemon Juice
Celery Seed
Lip Smackin’ Good Don’t be Salty Seasoning
Black Pepper

-Jim Long