Lip Smackin' Good Charleston Bacon BBQ Cheeseburger

February 28, 2019

Lip Smackin' Good Charleston Bacon BBQ Cheeseburger - Lip Smackin' Good

Southerners love to cook outdoors…especially when that first warm wind blows in the early spring. Oh, we come out to cook in all kinds of weather, but when the world is beginning to thaw out, after we’ve been stuck inside all winter, that first firing of the grill is magic for us. You can smell it in the air as you drive around…

That’s why we bring you this recipe for our first burger this year..The Charleston Bacon and BBQ Cheeseburger.

This is a classic burger recipe cooked on the grill. And it’s got a Southern twist. We’ve added our Lip Smackin’ Good Charleston Steak Seasoning to the meat to give it an extra burst of flavor, and then slathered our Old Timers Southern BBQ Sauce on the bun for an extra note of southern flare.


  • 1 lb Ground Chuck

  • 4 slices thick cut bacon

  • 2 tbsp Charleston Steak Seasoning & Rub

  • 4 tbsp Old Timers Southern BBQ Sauce

  • 4 Hamburger Buns

  • 1/4 Stick Butter

  • 4 Slices good Cheddar Jack Cheese



1: First gather the ingredients.

2: Mix Charleston Steak Rub in thoroughly with ground chuck. Then pat mixture into approximately 1/4 lb patties

3: Aim for a grill temperature of around 400 degrees…place patties on grill. Cook to desired doneness.

4: Place Bacon over indirect heat as burgers cook to desired doneness.

5: Melt and brush butter over the buns and toast. Smear with BBQ Sauce…

Stack it all up and SERVE…you’re gonna love it…and so will your friends.